CLUG talk: Window managers and desktop environments

Date: 27 May 2014
Topic: Window managers and desktop environments
Speaker: Adrianna Pińska & Marc Welz
Time: 18:30
Venue: UCT Chemical Engineering Basement

Don’t like Unity? Bored with GNOME? One of Linux’s strengths is its customisability. The desktop environment is the uppermost layer of your operating system, and can be changed at the drop of a hat to suit your specific needs.

Discover the wide variety of old and new window managers and desktop environments, and see how easy it is to switch between them. Whether you want something light for your older hardware, an easy-to-understand traditional interface for a beginner, or something completely different to try out, we hope that you will find something to your taste.

Talk slides: Window managers and desktop environments (PDF)

If you need help with anything that was discussed in the talk, please join us on the clug-tech mailing list or in the #clug channel on IRC.

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