CLUG Talk: Computer Vision on an Embedded Debian System

CLUG meeting

Date: 10 February 201518:30
Location: Chemical Engineering, Studio 1
UCT Upper Campus, Rondebosch

Speaker: Joseph Wamicha, Santiware

Topic: Computer Vision on an Embedded Debian System

This talk will explore the different hardware, drivers and firmware used
for different computer vision applications in industry.

He might go into building a camera driver and ask the audience to get a
particular driver working for one of his hardware boards.

Joseph’s company is rebranding from Santiware ( to
manmakemachine in March. Part of the launch and rebrand will see them move
to a new office space and start on a recruitment drive.

The CLUG talks are geared towards networking for employment and fun
projects, building skills, including problem-solving chats and getting to
know the fascinating world of FLOSS (free libre open source software – and
hardware). Please join us and spread the word!

Directions to the venue can be found here.

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