Official Position of the Western Cape Linux User Group

Official Position of the Western Cape Linux User Group on Suggested Changes to its Name, Constitution and / or Focus

On Tuesday, 11 January 2000 the Committee of the Western Cape Linux User Group (CLUG) formally discussed suggestions made on its mailing lists that it change its name to one emphasising open-source in general rather than Linux in particular. This suggestion was made by members of the Group who use other (non-Linux) open-source operating systems such as FreeBSD.

The Committee decided not to support a change in the name or the primary emphasis of the Group. However, the Committee wishes to re-confirm that it welcomes members from FreeBSD and other open-source projects.

In making its decision the Committee agreed that the issue of the name and emphasis of the Group had been debated when the Group was founded in 1999 and that conditions had not changed sufficiently to justify what in practice would amount to the disbanding of the Western Cape Linux User Group as a legal entity and the formation of a new legal entity.

The Committee noted that though the Group emphasises Linux, it is committed to open-source software and that this commitment is reflected in its mission statement of promoting “the understanding and use of the Linux operating system and open-source software in general” (Section 4, Constitution of the Western Cape Linux User Group; 1999). The Groups’ emphasis on Linux recognises the growing new-user community arising from the extensive media coverage of Linux over the last two years, and the desire to encourage this growth by providing a suitable forum for communication and support.

In its decision the Committee recognised the need to promote the interests of technically-orientated, as well as new-user members, through the establishment of appropriate forums. The Committee committed itself to establishing a second monthly meeting to promote open-source software that might not be Linux-related, such as FreeBSD.

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