Cape Town Linux Companies

Bravium Computers — Computers powered by Ubuntu.

Phone: +27 78 568 6368

Bravium Computers provides and supports Ubuntu powered desktops, laptops and servers. All our systems come with a support plan, and you can get in touch with us any time of the day if you’re a bit lost or if your computer hits a bump. All Bravium systems come with a one year warranty to ensure your piece of mind.


Busii Business Intelligence Integrators —

Phone: +27 (0)82 772 5982
Email: info-AT-busii-DOT-com

At Busii we specialise in the effective deployment of Business Intelligence (BI) and focus on providing services to organisations wishing to derive optimal value from the vast and varied information within their reach. Busii’s Open Source BI Solution (BIOSS) consisting of consulting services on top of best practice BI architecture and the LAMP stack presents a low-cost, low-risk alternative to more traditional approaches.


Business Data Solutions — Business Through Innovation

Phone: +27 21 422 0951
Email: info-AT-bdsolutions-DOT-co-DOT-za

Business Data Solutions offers specialist skills in wired and wireless networking and associated consultancy, Linux and Microsoft development. Our biggest Linux project is Smart Cape which is a Public Library Access Point Solution developed for the City of Cape Town. The system provides internet access, email and office application to public libraries for the citizens of Cape Town. BDS is also the sole distributor of the eBox which is the most cost effective Thin Client in South Africa.


Byte Orbit — Where Open Source Software Meets Business

Phone: +27 21 979 1213
Email: inbox-AT-byteorbit-DOT-com

We are an application development team specialising in open source application development solutions. Our servers are up to date with the latest and greatest open source solutions out there. That’s just how we roll. We offer our clients a professional solution and they can expect proper documentation and great service. Our primary focus is the LAMPPP environment (PHP, Python, Perl).


Clue Technologies (Pty) Ltd — Open Source Integration for the Enterprise

Phone: +27 21 913 8840
Email: info-AT-clue-DOT-co-DOT-za

Clue Technologies is an Open Source integration consultancy and development firm that seeks to unlock the robust stability inherent in Open Source technology in such a way as to bolster technical and fiscal efficiency in the enterprise market.


Code Synthesis Tools CC — Open Source Software Development Tools

Phone: +27 76 1672134
Email: info-AT-codesynthesis-DOT-com

Code Synthesis Tools CC specializes in the design of general-purpose and domain-specific language mappings (bindings) and development of open source, cross-platform compiler front ends and code generators. Our products cater for a broad, embedded-to-server class of applications and are used in a wide range of industries, including telecommunications, finance, high-performance computing, and integrated circuit design.


Frogfoot Networks — The Open Source ISP

Phone: +27 21 448 7225
Email: frogsales-AT-frogfoot-DOT-com

We are in the business of connecting people to the internet. In addition we also offer a few related products and services. Have a look at our web site to see if we can help you.


Frontier Software —

Phone: +27 21 671 3429
Email: roblaing-AT-frontiersoftware-DOT-co-DOT-za

The company offers an installation service to OEMs wanting to sell PCs with an-everything-built-from-source Linux distribution tailored to whatever hardware they sell. It also supports end-users with updates and manuals.


IT BOX Computer Services — Linux solutions for small businesses

Phone: +27 82 542 6484
Email: mark-AT-itbox-DOT-co-DOT-za

IT BOX Computer services provide a range of linux based solutions for networking, e-mail systems, intranet applications and connectivity.


Kingsley Internet Solutions —

Phone: +27 21 762 0276
Email: info-AT-kingsley-DOT-co-DOT-za

Kingsley, based in Cape Town provides Linux solutions (SME servers) to a wide range of companies around South Africa. We specialize in web hosting, network support, servers and internet access.


Jeshurun Consulting — Integrity, Commitment, Excellence.

Phone: +27 21 914 1402
Email: admin-AT-jeshurun-DOT-co-DOT-za

As a consulting company we are the South African Resellers of Smoothwall‘s Security products, the commercial version of the Smoothwall GPL version. We offer sales information and offer support for their commercial products in South Africa. Besides this, we have an excellent background in Linux related products. —

Phone: 082 750 7860
Email: info-AT-lamp-DOT-co-DOT-za

LAMP is the acronym for the Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP technology stack. This technology stack provides a secure and efficient combination of server operating system, web engine, database engine, and web page scripting toolset respectively. promotes this technology stack to provide IT solutions to lower your software TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) and increase your ROI (Return on Investment) in technology segments such as Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Content Management Software (CMS), web management tools among others.


Lead-IT — Innovative A-La-Cart Solutions

Phone: +27 83 534 9685
Email: enquiries-AT-leadit-DOT-co-DOT-za

Lead-IT provides innovative a-la-cart solutions, customization and integration of existing systems combined with world class support and after sales. Lead-IT team has extensive experience with Open Source Development and Linux Implementations & Support. We are most specialized in, but not limited to, Suse.


Nitric Industries — Global Domination

Phone: +27 21 409 7977
Email: info-AT-nitric-DOT-co-DOT-za

We specialise in developing PHP/MySQL web applications. We also offer a host of Linux services (installations, maintenance) and are particularly fond of the Debian distribution.


Obsidian Systems (Pty) Ltd — Linux, it’s what we do

Phone: +27 860 4 LINUX
Email: capetown-AT-obsidian-DOT-co-DOT-za

Obsidian Systems – a specialist Linux company, founded in 1995. Obsidian is the sole Red Hat distributor in South Africa, and accredited RHCE training partner. We provide “Opensource Migration” consulting services, and sell Linux-based firewalls, servers, and clusters. We are a centre of excellence for PostgreSQL relational database, and PHP web development.


Plum Software Solutions —

Phone: +27 (0)71 940 0641
Email: avermaak-AT-plumsoftware-DOT-co-DOT-za

Plum develops a Lamp based BI solution and roll it out on Ubuntu, The BI solution plays n the FMCG market and is targeted at small research companies, merchandisers and manufacturer of consumer goods.


Qualified IT Integrators (Pty) Ltd —

Phone: +27 21 788 6634
Email: info-AT-qi2-DOT-co-DOT-za

Resellers of the SuSE Linux distribution.


Red LinX — Open Source Networking, Server Infrastructure and Support

Phone: +27 21 555 3866

The Red LinX mission is the provision of cost effective, reliable, business critical, managed open source networking, company computing and server infrastructure solutions to small and medium enterprises, while maintaining the scope of bringing open source into the corporate market. We are also importers of Industrial and IT rack mountable server hardware, and offer out-of-the-box server solutions like the Red BoX, a secure 1U Linux firewall.


RPC Data South Africa (Pty) Ltd —

Phone: +27 21 402 1180
Email: info-AT-rpcdata-DOT-co-DOT-za

RPC Data South Africa is a specialist software company, our services include; IT training, Software Development, Systems Implementation and Systems Integration. We have provided consulting, training, technical and sales workshops for our customers over the past 14 years worldwide, predominantly in 30 countries throughout Africa.


RSAWeb Internet Services — linux solutions

Phone: +27 21 462-6798
Email: info-AT-rsaweb-DOT-co-DOT-za

We provide linux solutions (servers, workstations) to a wide range of companies around South Africa, based in Cape Town with operations countrywide. Specialist web hosting, network support, servers, linux workstations and internet access. Ubuntu support, Red Hat, FreeBSD, Gentoo, Debian & other distros.


Storm Business Solutions —

Phone: +27 21 556 0696
Email: info-AT-sbsolutions-DOT-co-DOT-za

Storm Business Solutions specialise in all aspects of Linux and network administration. Activities range from initial system setup to configuring Mail, Proxy, DNS, Web, Fax, DHCP, Firewall servers. We also offer maintenance agreements for ongoing support of networks and servers. — secure. network. communications

Phone: +27 21 686 22 27
Email: info-AT-synch-DOT-cc is a Cape Town based ICT company. Our main focus is on facilitating secure network communications. We implement suitable and customised systems, secure network architectures and targeted software.

Every deployment done runs via Ubuntu by choice, some legacy systems still run a flavour or two of RH and RHEL. Deployments include customised VPN and firewall solutions, intra-corporate system and the integration, transfer and migration of MS to OSS solutions, typically starting at an OS level. We’re based in Cape Town’s southern suburbs, with customers all over South Africa, as well as the US, UK, France, Netherlands and Hong Kong. We run our own server network with distributed bases in the UK, the US and ZA (all running bouncy Debian or Ubuntu implementations) that acts as a CDN and hosting solution for us internally and to customers where required.


TAB IT Solutions cc — Open your mind

Phone: Office: 021 461 9038 – HelpDesk (9am to 4pm) – (021) 461 4342
Email: info-AT-tabits-DOT-co-DOT-za

Is that open source software (OSS) product right for my business? Can I risk migrating my critical business processes to OSS? How much OSS can I use in my business? We answer these and many other questions management may have around the benefits of OSS in Business, in an easy to understand and non-technical manner. From management consulting, service level agreements, systems engineering, software and web development, we have the expertise to solve your problem.


TruSoft Software cc —

Phone: 021 981 5942
Email: info-AT-trusoft-DOT-co-DOT-za

We are a small OSS GNU/Linux based IT company in the northern suburbs of Cape town that provide software integration and software development services, including web development based on the GNU/Linux platform as well as support for SME IT systems, focusing on GNU/Linux systems. We supply firewall, mail, file and backup solutions based on GNU/Linux platforms.


Uniterm Cape — Dumb terminals and linux based thin clients

Phone: +27 21 976-4615
Email: sales-AT-unitermdirect-DOT-co-DOT-za

Uniterm Cape is the distributor for the Durban based Uniterm Manufacturing who have been in business for some 12 years. We specialise in promoting the use of open source software in combination with localy designed and manufactured thin client terminals.


Upfront Systems —

Phone: +27 21 880 2264
Email: info-AT-upfrontsystems-DOT-co-DOT-za

We are based in Technopark, outside Stellenbosch, and do custom development of distributed management systems. Our main platform is Plone running on the Zopeapplication server, programmed in Python, running on Debian boxes. We’re a small team who work closely with our clients, following the principles of Extreme Programming.


Crimsonline —

Phone: +27 86 111 4496
Email: sales-AT-crimsonline-DOT-co-DOT-za

We are a IT company based in Durbanville, Cape Town and support Ubuntu, Suse and CentOS based servers and workstations. We also support Trixbox and Elastix, asterisk based pbx systems.